About Us

100% Canadian Owned and Operated


The Seaford Story

Seaford Pharmaceuticals is a proud Canadian company founded in 1991 by the Seales family. Since then, we have been dedicated to developing and marketing specialty healthcare solutions to Canadians and abroad.

Working closely with strategic partners, our niche products span across a variety of therapeutic areas, including women’s health, iron deficiency, anemia, digestive health and skin care. Our Canadian portfolio includes market leading products in hospitals such as Seacalphyx and in OTC the #1 doctor recommended anti-perspirant DRYSOL.

We have a strong leadership team that has a wealth of knowledge in both the Canadian and global pharmaceutical industry. Combined with our sales force, we are able to leverage our relationships with pharmacists, specialists and family physicians to offer specialty healthcare solutions.



Ron Seales
CEO, Founder

Tamara Seales

Christopher McMahon
Director of Operations

Andrew Seales
VP of International Business Development

Randy Beitz
Director of Finance

Matthew Abdelmesih
National Sales Manager