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Seaford Pharmaceuticals offers unique, quality products in many therapeutic areas. Our niche products are specifically designed to address the particular needs of patients in order to improve health and quality of life.

Our acute care products are provided to patients at hospitals and specialty care centres. These products are solely for the use of healthcare professionals.



DRYSOL is a unique maximum strength topical antiperspirant that is a proven winner in treating excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. As the #1 doctor recommended antiperspirant it offers 72 hours of protection for all types of perspiration problems.
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Lomelin is a unique, gentle, non-prescription cream that effectively brightens overall skin appearance while minimizing the effects of hyperpigmentation. The combination of two natural ingredients have proven to suppress the production of melanin, helping to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of age spots.
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HEMAFORTE 1 is the first heme iron brand in Canada that offers 35mg elemental heme iron in a one capsule, once daily format which can help patients achieve their iron levels conveniently and improve patient compliance.
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K-Citra is a potassium citrate supplement recommended for the treatment or prevention of hypokalemia (potassium depletion) and to help reduce kidney stone formation. Due to its high tolerability and low stomach discomfort, it is ideal for hypertensive patients on thiazide therapy when the body is depleted of potassium.
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Polyride Fe is an iron supplement with the highest dose of elemental iron available to treat and prevent iron deficiency anemia. This non-ionic polysaccharide iron supplement is well tolerated and works to reduce gastrointestinal (GI) side effects and improve absorption.
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Seaford Liquid Multivite is a high potency multivitamin and mineral formula that is ideal for adults and geriatric patients. It is to be used as a nutritive adjunct when poor appetite compromises dietary intake in: underweight adults, patients with acute infectious disease, chronic disease, pre- and post-operative states, post-acute stroke patients, convalescence, dehydration and those on highly restricted diets.
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Indocyanine Green for Injection, USP is a sterile, lyophilized green powder containing 25 mg of Indocyanine Green with no more than 5% sodium iodide. It is packaged with Sterile Water for Injection, USP which is used to dissolve the Indocyanine Green.
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Seacalphyx (sodium [natrium] thiosulfate pentahydrate injection 25%) is an antidote for acute cyanide poisoning. It is indicated for sequential use with sodium nitrite for the treatment of acute cyanide poisoning that is judged to be life-threatening.
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