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Unbreakable Bonds, A Legacy of Health

Elevate your health with Polyride Fe® Ultra the perfect blend of iron, vitamin C, and B12, ensuring strength and vitality at every stage of life

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Iron for Everyone

A comprehensive iron supplement for all. Boost your well-being with the highest iron absorption and Vit C & B12 to beat the Iron deficiency..

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Nourishing Generations, Inside and Out

Essential iron support for family. With added vitamin C and B12, ensure optimal iron levels for all stages of life.

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Elevate Your Health with Polyride Fe® Ultra

Experience superior results, strengthen your body, and soar to new heights with Polyride Fe® Ultra!

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Unleash Your Vitality at Any Age

Unlock your energy potential with the highest iron absorption. Ideal for seniors and anyone seeking to maintain an active lifestyle.

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Power Your Workouts with Iron

Fuel your fitness journey with optimal iron levels. Achieve peak performance with the highest iron absorption and vital vitamins.

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Polyride Fe® is a non-ionic polysaccharide iron supplement with the highest dose of elemental iron available (150 mg) to help treat and prevent iron deficiency anemia with reduced gastrointestinal side effects.

Polyride Fe® Ultra has the same dose of elemental iron, while also treating vitamin B12 and vitamin C deficiencies.
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Releases iron in the small bowel where it is absorbed, allowing iron to be delivered to the bloodstream without causing GI upset such as heartburn, nausea, constipation, and stomach pain which is common with ferrous salt supplements

Vitamin C for enhanced iron absorption

Kosher Certified

VegeCert Certified


Anyone experiencing or prone to iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia
Ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and Kosher diets
Diets deficient in iron and vitamin B12, particularly in vegans or vegetarians, the elderly, and for patients with gastric atrophy who have vitamin B12 malabsorption


Take 1 capsule once daily



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Polyride Fe and Polyride Fe Ultra are registered trademarks of Seaford Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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