Hemaforte Partners with Healthing.ca to Advocate for Maternal Health

Hemaforte Partners with Healthing.ca to Advocate for Maternal Health

December, 2023

Seaford Pharmaceuticals Collaborates with Healthing.ca to Promote Maternal Health and Iron Deficiency Anemia Awareness

Seaford Pharmaceuticals, a leading provider of health and wellness solutions, proudly announces its collaboration with Healthing.ca, a trusted platform for health news and credible information. Together, we are committed to raising awareness about the significant risks of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women and promoting the importance of maternal health.

Healthing.ca serves as a vital resource for individuals seeking trending health news, authentic information, and inspirational stories. Their dedication to providing a platform for lived experiences aligns seamlessly with Seaford Pharmaceuticals mission to enhance the well-being of individuals through innovative health solutions.

In a recent article titled “Iron Deficiency Anemia Presents Significant Risks to Pregnant Women,” published on Healthing.ca, we highlighted the critical issues surrounding maternal health and the potential risks associated with iron deficiency during pregnancy. The article delves into expert perspectives, firsthand experiences, and credible information to empower readers with knowledge about managing their health and the well-being of their loved ones.

Hemaforte, our flagship product designed to address iron deficiency anemia, has received approval from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC). This recognition underscores the safety and efficacy of Hemaforte in supporting pregnant women in maintaining optimal iron levels for a healthy pregnancy.

To read the full article and learn more about the risks of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women, please visit https://www.healthing.ca/partners/sponsored/iron-deficiency-anemia-presents-significant-risks-to-pregnant-women.

As part of this initiative, Seaford Pharmaceuticals invites readers to request free samples of Hemaforte. By doing so, we aim to provide tangible support to pregnant women and contribute to their well-being during this crucial stage of life.
To request your free sample of Hemaforte and join us in advocating for maternal health, please visit https://hemaforte.ca/sample-request-form.