Seaford Pharmaceuticals Celebrates Second Consecutive Great Place to Work® Certification, Fostering a Culture of Excellence and Employee Well-being

Seaford Pharmaceuticals Celebrates Second Consecutive Great Place to Work® Certification, Fostering a Culture of Excellence and Employee Well-being.

February 22, 2024

Seaford Pharmaceuticals is thrilled to announce that for the second consecutive year, we have achieved certification as a Great Place to Work® by the prestigious Great Place to Work Institute® Canada. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a positive and inspiring workplace environment for our dedicated employees.

At Seaford Pharmaceuticals, we believe that our greatest asset is our talented and passionate team. We are dedicated to creating a workplace culture which prioritizes employee well-being, professional growth, and a sense of community. Our commitment extends beyond the products we develop; we are equally devoted to nurturing a work environment where collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity thrive.

As our president, Tamara Seales, often emphasizes, “At Seaford Pharmaceuticals, we recognize that our success is intricately tied to the well-being and satisfaction of our employees. Beyond being a pharmaceutical company, we prioritize creating an environment where each team member’s contribution is valued, and everyone can reach their full potential.”

In alignment with our core values of Teamwork, Accountability, and Excellence, Seaford Pharmaceuticals strives to foster a collaborative atmosphere where every individual’s contribution is valued, accountability is emphasized, and excellence is the standard. This commitment is reflected in the positive feedback received from our employees, contributing to our Great Place to Work® certification.

Nancy Fonseca, Senior Vice President of Great Place to Work® Canada, highlights the importance of trust, pride, and camaraderie in a workplace. This certification affirms that our employees have expressed a high level of trust in our leadership, take pride in their work, and enjoy positive relationships with their colleagues. According to Fonseca, such attributes contribute to stronger financial performance, reduced turnover, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Being recognized as a Great Place to Work® for the second consecutive year is a significant achievement for Seaford Pharmaceuticals. We believe that a positive work culture not only benefits our employees but also directly influences the quality and innovation of our products. This certification serves as a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business.

About Seaford Pharmaceuticals:

Seaford Pharmaceuticals is a proud Canadian company founded in 1991 by the Seales family. Since then, we have been dedicated to developing and marketing specialty healthcare solutions to Canadians and abroad.

Working closely with strategic partners, our niche products span across a variety of therapeutic areas, including iron deficiency, anemia, skin conditions like hyperhidrosis and hyperpigmentation. Our Canadian portfolio includes market leading products in hospitals such as Seacalphyx® and in OTC the anti-perspirant DRYSOL®.

We have a strong leadership team that has a wealth of knowledge in both the Canadian and global pharmaceutical industry. Combined with our sales force, we are able to leverage our relationships with pharmacists, specialists and family physicians to offer specialty healthcare solutions.

About Great Place to Work®:

Great Place to Work is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services, and certification programs, Great Place to Work recognizes Canada’s Best Workplaces in a series of national lists. For more information, visit www.greatplacetowork.ca or follow us on Twitter at @GPTW_Canada.