Seaford Pharmaceuticals Inc. is recognized as one of the Top 10 Therapeutics Companies In Canada by Life Sciences Review!

SEAFORD PHARMACEUTICALS Transforming Pharmaceutical Marketing in Canada


The world needs more pharmaceutical companies to expand into international markets for better access to life-saving drugs. However, with the complex regulatory frameworks set by governments, obtaining market authorization for prescription drugs can be a challenge.

Seaford Pharmaceutical understands this and has complemented its extensive knowledge of the Canadian market with a comprehensive network of suppliers and manufacturers so companies from around the globe can introduce cutting-edge therapeutic products to the market.

“Our deep understanding of healthcare requirements, combined with the support of industry key opinion leaders, gives us a competitive edge. Our company provides products primarily for healthcare professionals in Canada,”

says Tamara Seales, president of Seaford Pharmaceuticals.

Seaford specializes in developing niche healthcare products primarily targeting the requirements of the Canadian public. Its portfolio comprises many products across various therapeutic areas, including women’s health, anemia, digestive health, and skincare. Through collaborative research
with clinical specialists, Seaford has developed Hemaforte and Lomelin, which treat iron deficiency anemia and hyperpigmentation.

Seaford has introduced many firsts in the therapeutic space and is known widely for launching a unique calcium treatment for osteoporosis. Since then, it has ventured into other medical sectors, including introducing clinically proven probiotics to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Currently, Seaford’s product range spans a variety of therapeutic areas, including hospital products.

Adhering to Health Canada’s stringent regulations, Seaford ensures the products it manages are developed and released by employing stellar regulatory affairs and a marketing department that is always up-to-date with the latest drug regulations.

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